We will book a perfect venue for you!

Do you want to organize a concert in Poland? Or maybe the whole tour? Is it too demanding? We will take care of everything!

Why us?

First of all, we have a lot of experience – we have already organized several hundred events and we have dealt with long-term bookings for several clubs. We held events in venues for 50 people, as well as in the largest Polish concert halls.


Currently, we constantly cooperate with several dozen clubs. We know what, how and why. We have been on the market for almost a decade. We learned from scratch and made the same mistakes as every beginner booker. Now we are a few years older, and each year we are richer in numerous experiences.

How it works?

You send us an e-mail with an inquiry. We call you back and discuss the details. We sign the contract …and it’s ready. From now on you don’t have to worry about anything – we will take care of everything!

What are the possibilities?

We offer three levels of cooperation:


- we will book dates in clubs for you,
- we will discuss technical details for you,
- we will set a timetable of the event,
- we will create an event on Facebook for you.

Cost: 100 PLN / 1 gig

(+ production costs: club rental, tech rider)


- everything in the basic package, plus:
- we will launch pre-sale tickets on your behalf in the online ticket office,
- we will find a ticket collector for the duration of the event.

Cost: 10% (not less than 150 PLN)

(+ production costs: club rental, tech rider, ticket office fee, ticket collector cost)


- everything in the extended package, plus:
- we will provide graphic services to design the visual side of the event,
- we will promote the event with the help of our social ninja,
- we will find accommodation for your entire team,
- we will arrange transport and full logistics along the entire tour.

Cost: 12% (not less than 300 PLN)

(+ production costs: club rental, tech rider, ticket office fee, ticket collector cost, ads cost, accommodation cost, transport cost)

Need something more?

Do you want to release your first album? Are we supposed to sell it? How about recording a music video? Do you want to record the material from the entire concert and upload it to Spotify? Or maybe increase the number of fans following your band’s fanpage? Do you dream of an unusual promotional campaign for the upcoming album or making your own, original merch? Or perhaps you need to hire a road manager to accompany your band on tour?


Special tasks are our specialty! Let us know if your order goes beyond the standard requirements – we will be happy to handle it! We have experience in each of the above issues and we are not afraid of any task.


We will definitely need the necessary information, such as:

– band name,
– social media links,
– link to the music (we do not accept attachments!),
– basic information about the planned concert/tour (list of cities, date range, estimated number of participants at each concert).


Please send such an email to: sandra@artefactmusic.pl